Autumn Fischer


Autumn met Tim and Andrews and Jeff Leiboff in 2002 while interning for The Regular Guys Show. Eventually, being the friendly hard worker she is, she started working for the promotions department, the department Tim Andrews was the manager of, and soon started doing some local and national commercial spots and jingles. She was also given the opportunity to have a radio show with the prestigious time slot of 2am-6am.  

Autumn worked with Eric Von Haessler, now host of The Von Haessler Doctrine, on various projects before returning to college to earn her bachelor's degree in Linguistics, concentrating on teaching English as a second language and learning American Sign Language. These skills are proving to be very helpful for her career in radio and podcasts. After teaching for a year or two, Eric offered her a spot on his podcast which did pretty well, as far as podcasts go, catching the attention of WSB radio.  

After pestering Tim to come on Radio Labyrinth to complain about The Walking Dead, Tim finally asked her to be on. She couldn’t be more proud to be working alongside her friends everyday.  

You can listen to Autumn be funny on The Von Haessler Doctrine on WSB from 9-12 every week day, try and stick to one topic on her own podcast called One Topic with Greg Russ, and of course use funny voices and complain about reboots on Radio Labyrinth. 


Twitter: @autopritts

Instagram: @autopritts